Bucs Look Awful Again, and Schiano is Still the Coach?

So the Bucs lost again Thursday night, this time to the Panthers, 31-13. There was only one thing different about this game: it was on national TV, so now everyone knows just how bad Tampa Bay really is. Aside from that, it was the same old, same old that we’ve seen for awhile now.

Did you see some of the fans wearing paper bags over their heads? Did you hear them vaguely chanting “Fire Schiano” at one point? At what point will the Glazers decide that enough is enough? Forget all of the stuff that’s swirling out there about Schiano for just a moment…

Here’s a fact: the guy’s lost 12 of his last 13 games. If that doesn’t get a coach canned then what will?

And yet, you listen to him in his postgame news conference, and he keeps insisting that things will get better. The only way this situation will start to improve is for him to walk the plank. There’s a good chance the Bucs will be 0-8 at the halfway mark, since a trip to Seattle is up next.

The offense has been awful. They didn’t find the end zone until the final minutes of the game, and the issue was already decided by then.  Yes, Doug Martin was out, but they haven’t been scoring TD’s even with him in the lineup.

And in the last three games, the defense has given up at least 30 points a game. And the worst part: there isn’t even a glimmer of hope that things are going to get better anytime soon. Schiano may not be the only problem, but he’s got to be the first one to go.

Fire Schiano! We, the fans, are demanding it at this point!

Photo Courtesy: Tampa Bay Times

Bucs Now 0-6; Can We Please Fire Schiano?

After another week of the usual nonsense, can we please get rid of Greg Schiano once and for all?

The Bucs lost to the Falcons on Sunday, 31-20. The game wasn’t much different than what we’ve seen all season long: bad coaching, bad play-calling and too many penalties due to a lack of discipline. At some point, the head coach has to take the fall for this mess.

There is one moment I want to focus on: it came in the fourth quarter, with the Bucs trailing by 14 – i.e. two scores. A long drive led to first-and-goal from the 5. Two penalties later, they faced 4th and goal from the 23. Schiano elected to kick a field goal. That accomplished nothing; you’re still down by two scores. Why wouldn’t you go for it, even though you need 23 yards in one play? Yes, I know 4th and 23 is desperation time, but wasn’t Tampa Bay in a desperate situation already? It was a mind-boggling decision that may not have mattered in the end, but we’ll never know.

Mike Glennon threw a couple of TD passes to Vincent Jackson, but also lost a fumble that Atlanta returned for a score. Doug Martin got knocked out of the game trying to catch a pass down by the goal line.

Schiano has now lost 12 of his last 13 games. He’s winless in 2013. The hot seat can only get so broil so much.  Please ship this guy out of town A.S.A.P.

Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Bucs 0-5; More Heat on Schiano

It just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?

With a 31-20 loss to the Eagles at Raymond James Stadium, the Bucs are 0-5. There are two things to ponder: will the Bucs win a game this season, and how much longer will Greg Schiano be the head coach? That second point is the one most fans like me are screaming about. First, a quick recap of Sunday’s game:

Mike Glennon played fairly well. He threw for 273 yards and two touchdowns, both to Vincent Jackson, who finished with 114 yards receiving. The Bucs actually had the lead at the half, and were only down by one in the fourth quarter. But this time, the defense was not at its best. They allowed Nick Foles to throw three TD passes, including two to DeSean Jackson.

That’s the game in a nutshell; now back to Schiano. How much longer will the Glazers wait before they pull the trigger on this guy? In my opinion, it can’t some soon enough. First you have the fiasco with Josh Freeman. Then there’s the report in USA Today that Schiano was the one who leaked the information about Freeman taking part in a substance-abuse program. Then you have all those penalties – a sign of an undisciplined team. That’s coaching. Finally, consider this: Schiano has only won one of his last eleven games. The Bucs opened the pocketbook in the offseason and brought guys in to win NOW. Schiano hasn’t done that.

It’s time for a change.

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Bucs Cut Freeman

The Josh Freeman era in Tampa Bay is officially over.

The Buccaneers cut him on Thursday, more than a week after he was benched in favor of Mike Glennon following an 0-3 start. The Bucs tried to trade him, but they didn’t find any takers. So they said “adios.”

Here is the official statement from General Manager Mark Dominik from the team’s official website:

 “We made the decision today to release Josh Freeman. We appreciate his efforts over the past five seasons, but we felt this was in the best interests of both Josh and the Buccaneers.”

Not only does this mean this ugly saga is over, it also means head coach Greg Schiano is next in line to be the fall guy if this season keeps spiraling out of control. If the team doesn’t show any improvement, it’s hard to picture Schiano being the head coach for much longer.

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