Bucs Build 21-0 Lead, Then Blow It – ARGH!

In this mess of a season, only the Bucs could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, as they did on Sunday in Seattle.

They built a 21-0 lead in the first half. Everything was going their way. The running game was working to perfection. They capitalized on a botched kickoff by the Seahawks. Even Mike James threw a touchdown pass. Even when the ‘Hawks started to get their act together, Tampa Bay still had a double-digit lead. Heck, when Keith Tandy picked off Russell Wilson late in the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers – still clinging to a 7-point lead –were in a position to pull off a monumental upset.

Nope. It wasn’t going to happen.

James rushed for 158 yards in this game. But didn’t it seem like the Bucs were throwing the ball more often as the second half went on? Why, Schiano? Why? When we got to OT, the Bucs got the ball first, but couldn’t do anything with it. Once Marshawn Lynch started marching down the field on Seattle’s first possession, I knew it was only a matter of time before it was over.

Schiano has now lost 13 of his last 14 games. He’s 0-7 in games decided by three points are fewer. With regards to that second stat, that means his team can’t close out games. And despite being 0-8, the Bucs have been leading late in the fourth quarter a few times. When will Schiano be fired? If it hasn’t happened by now, we may be stuck with him for the rest of the season.

On to Monday Night Football…

Photo Courtesy: AP

2 thoughts on “Bucs Build 21-0 Lead, Then Blow It – ARGH!”

  1. Agree with what you said about the second half. Sticking with the run ate time in big chunks during the first half of the game. It seemed to be halftime before my Seahawks really had a chance to put together a drive. Even without scoring again if the Bucs had pounded it out on the ground I don’t think we would of had the play time needed to tie it up with.
    This was the first I have seen the Bucs play this year and they didn’t look like an 0-8 team to me.

    1. Hi Shawn – this was probably the best game the Bucs have played all year, and they still couldn’t win. Schiano is way over his head; we fans want him out a.s.a.p. Your Seahawks definitely look like a Super Bowl contender. I think it’s between SEA, NO and SF in the NFC.

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