Back To Reality: Bucs Get Clobbered in Carolina

This is what happens when you face one of the hottest teams in the league. After the Bucs had won three games in a row, the Panthers gave them a dose of reality on Sunday afternoon with a 27-6 thumping.

This game was a lot like the first one against Carolina in terms of Tampa Bay’s inability to get anything going. Yes, it was a game for much of the first half. But at the end of the day, the Panthers dominated in just about every way humanly possible. Mike Glennon looked a lot like a rookie again, losing a key fumble down by the goal line. The offense couldn’t score a touchdown; heck they only mustered 206 total yards. The defense couldn’t stop Cam Newton. Carolina had 426 total yards – more than doubled the Bucs’ output.

Carolina is simply the better team. I was not surprised that the Panthers gave them an old-fashioned butt kicking. The Bucs are once again in the running for the #1 draft pick, though they need a lot of help.  I can’t even bring myself to start the “Fire Schiano!” chants again, at least for a week.

NEXT WEEK: the Buffalo Bills visit Ray-Jay.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

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