The Good, the Bad and the Ugly From the Bucs’ First Preseason Game

Here’s a quick look back at the positives – and negatives – from the Buccaneers’ 16-10 loss to the Jaguars in their first preseason game Friday night.


If the defensive line is going to play like this on opening day, then there’s a lot to be hopeful for. With Gerald McCoy and Adrian Clayborn leading the way, they stifled the Jags’ first-team offense. And the defense as a whole didn’t allow a touchdown until the fourth quarter. The line did a great job of getting after the quarterback and shutting down the running game.


If the offensive line is going to play like this on opening day, then the Bucs are in trouble – BIG trouble. Josh McCown and Mike Glennon spent most of the night either running their lives or lying flat on their backs. The running game never got going because there were very few holes. And when the Bucs did manage to create a positive play, a flag against the guys up front wiped it out. If the Bucs don’t figure out a solution for this quickly, it’s going to be another long year, regardless of how well the defense plays.


McCown wins this award for his performance. Yes, pass protection was a big problem. But he also put the ball on the turf. And then there was the floater to Winston Guy that went for a 68-yard touchdown. Yes, Guy plays for Jacksonville. McCown is still the starter, of course. But he needs to make better decisions than that if he wants to keep his job.


The Bucs will host the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night at Raymond James Stadium.

Photo Courtesy: AP


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