Embarassing Effort By Bucs Against Ravens

This has gotten embarrassing.

The Buccaneers were thoroughly annihilated at home on Sunday by the Baltimore Ravens, 48-17. It brought back memories of the debacle in Atlanta a few weeks ago, and even more memories of all those blowout losses Raheem Morris’ team had down the stretch in his final season as head coach.

There is, of course, plenty of blame to go around. But for me, most of the blame should lie with head coach Lovie Smith. He does not have this team ready to play. It’s as simple as that.

The offense is awful. There was nothing doing in the running game (again.) The pass protection was pathetic; Mike Glennon was sacked five times. He had a rough game like the rest of his teammates, but I ask this: would Peyton Manning have any success behind this offensive line?

The defensive line is not pressuring the quarterback at all. Joe Flacco had all day to throw. He was playing pitch-and-catch with open receivers for the entire first half. He had five touchdown passes before the intermission. The secondary is pathetic. They cannot cover anybody, it seems. We’ve seen this pretty much all year, even when they face a backup quarterback, which Flacco is anything but. And what really bothers me right now, is that Smith doesn’t seem to be willing to change defensive schemes. Dear Lovie: the Tampa 2 doesn’t work anymore. Can’t you get that into your head?

I won’t provide any stats for the game. 48-17 tells you all you need to know.

The game wasn’t on TV up here in New England (amen to that.) But my twitter friends tell me the Bucs got booed off the field at halftime. It was deserved.

Next week, Tampa Bay has a bye week. Hooray!  They can’t lose!

Coming up in tomorrow’s rant: the Bucs at the bye. It may be hazardous to Tampa Bay fans’ health.

Photo Courtesy: AP

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