Bucs Implode Against Bears: Can We Please Bench McCown?

I think I share the sentiment of Bucs fans everywhere when I say, why the heck is Josh McCown still quarterbacking this team?

He practically single-handedly gave the Bears the game on a silver platter on Sunday during a second-half implosion that resulted in a 21-13 Chicago win. Sure, there are other problems besides the play of the quarterback. But “McClown”, as we the fans now call him, is the easiest target.

After the Bears had cut the lead to 10-7, McCown coughed up the football on a sack. It was yet another awful display of ball control. One play later, Chicago was ahead.

On the very next possession, McCown threw a pick deep in Tampa Bay territory. Four plays later, the Bucs were looking at an 11-point deficit.

It’s not just McCown who’s drawn my ire. The play-calling at the end of the game left a lot to be desired. Fast-forward to late in the fourth quarter. The Bucs were trailing by eight and facing a 4th and short. The Bucs were not showing any urgency on offense. Yet they rushed up to the line, and McCown ran a quarterback sneak that went nowhere. I double-checked the clock: there was 2:07 remaining when he snapped the ball. Why on earth would you not let seven more seconds tick off the clock, so that you could take some time to discuss the biggest play of the game? Nope, Lovie Smith decided not to do that. Instead, the play call was a sneak behind the awful center known as Evan Dietrich-Smith?

But wait – it gets worse. After the 2:00 timeout, Smith decided to challenge the play, even though it was pretty clear McCown did not pick up the first down. Why is this significant? It cost the Bucs a timeout, meaning they could’ve gotten the ball back with more time than the handful of seconds they ended up with.

Yes, there were other problems that contributed to this loss. But once again, the play of “McClown” is at the top of the list. Can we please put Mike Glennon back in there? McCown has been a disaster, and while Glennon is no superstar, it makes a lot more sense to play the young QB at this point.

If only Lovie would see it that way.

Photo Courtesy: chicagobears.com


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