The Bucs are Back….

Thank goodness football season is just around the corner. It’s been away for too long.

And as the Buccaneers are about to kick off training camp, I’m kicking off my fourth year of this blog.  Hard to believe that the previous three have gone by so quickly.

This year, Tampa Bay has a new head coach in Dirk Koetter, who moved up the mast of the pirate ship from offensive coordinator.  They have a new defensive coordinator in Mike Smith.  Raymond James Stadium – a.k.a. Ray-Jay – has gotten a facelift, especially with the gigantic HD new video boards in the end zones which the team hasn’t been shy about showing them off on social media.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually see a winning team on the field in 2016?  It has to happen at some point, right?  The Bucs haven’t made the playoffs in nearly a decade.  Carolina rules the division until someone proves otherwise.

So stay tuned for some online celebrations, a few rants, and whatever else the season brings us.

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