Same Old Story For the Bucs Against Denver

Broncos 27, Buccaneers 7

I’m getting tired of writing the same old stuff week after week. But there isn’t much else I can do these days.

The Buccaneers looked awful again on Sunday. More turnovers, more penalties, more poor play in the secondary. And naturally, when Denver had to bring in its backup rookie quarterback, Tampa Bay made him look like him look like a ten-year veteran.

Jameis Winston, after a scintillating performance in the opener against Atlanta, has looked terrible the past three weeks. Against the Broncos, he threw two more interceptions, both of which resulted in Denver touchdowns. By the way – did you notice who made both of those picks? Yes, that’s Aqib Talib, the former Buc. Getting back to Winston, he’s thrown seven INT’s in the last three games.  The dreaded sophomore slump is in full effect right now.

The Bucs need Doug Martin back a.s.a.p. Charles Sims is awful. Aside from being unable to run the ball effectively, he screwed up again in the Denver game. What the heck was he thinking when he apparently tried to lateral the ball – and in the process cough it up – up on 3rd and 1 in Broncos’ territory? They should bench his ass.

The defense – particularly the safeties – continues to be a major disappointment. I’m looking at you, Chris Conte and Brent Grimes. Aside from their poor coverage, Grimes had an interception go right through his hands. He would’ve saved Tampa Bay three points. The defense did get some nice pressure on Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch in the first half, but were totally gassed in the second. Denver played keep-away, and the Bucs couldn’t get anything going on offense.  The Broncos’ defense is very, very good.

And I’m not letting Dirk Koetter off the hook, either. Ultimately, this all lies on him. One decision in the fourth quarter stood out: you’re down by 20, midway thru the 4th quarter, you’re facing 4th and 6 on Denver’s side of field, and you punt? I don’t understand that. They still had a chance – albeit a very slim one – of pulling off a miraculous comeback. But by punting there, aren’t you essentially waving the white flag?  Geez.

Next week, the Bucs play in Carolina on Monday Night Football. The whole country gets to see the frustration we Bucs fans have been dealing with for many, many years.

Photo Courtesy: AP


4 thoughts on “Same Old Story For the Bucs Against Denver”

  1. Considering how the Panthers have been playing the Bucs should be the favorite on Monday Night. They have been in some serious battles. Just need that one play that tips the edge. My team isn’t playing this week (bye) so go Bucs!

    1. Even if Newton doesn’t play, I’m sure the Bucs will do their best to make the backup look like a superstar. I hate Carolina. Refresh my memory: your team is the Seahawks, right?

  2. Yeah. Seahawks are the home team here. Not a lot to cheer about so far other than the coach’s ability to handle the unexpected. Waiting till after the @ Patriots game to post about them. A great deal we were supposedly building for in the off season has been scrapped due to injury.

    On Sundays I follow the game on the nfl website which shows all the scores. Just going by that without watching a game I’ve had the impression that the Bucs have been in these games and falling just barely short.

    1. The Rams’ game is the one the Bucs really gave away. But Winston is not playing well lately. He needs to turn it around quickly. I think the Bucs and Seahawks play each other next month in Tampa but I can’t remember the date. I was toying with flying down for that one but the airfare was too much (sigh.) So I’m going in December to the Saints’ game.

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