Three Wins in a Row! Bucs Are In the Playoff Hunt

If you would’ve told me a month ago that the Buccaneers would beat the Chiefs and Seahawks back-to-back, I would’ve said you’re crazy.

If you would’ve told me a month ago that the Bucs would score just 14 points against Seattle – at home – and still win the game – I would’ve said you’re crazy.

Well, there is nothing crazy about the way Tampa Bay is playing right now. The Bucs beat a very good Seahawks team at Ray-Jay on Sunday, 14-5. Yes, it’s one of those oddball-looking scores but you won’t find me or any other Bucs’ fans complaining about it.

This one was all about the defense, which was getting shredded week after week during the first half of the season. But in the last three games, we’ve seen a complete turnaround. On Sunday, they sacked Russell Wilson six times, picked him off twice, and kept the Seattle offense out of the end zone. One of those interceptions was by Alterraun Verner, who was on the field just two days after his father passed away. If you haven’t seen his reaction yet, you’ll have a tough time not crying. It was a scene very reminiscent of Kwon Alexander’s performance in Atlanta one year ago.

As for the offense, Mike Evans caught two more touchdown passes from Jameis Winston, both in the first quarter. The offense didn’t do much the rest of the way, but the strong performance of the defense bailed them out.

So where do things stand with five games to go? The Bucs are 6-5, still one game behind Atlanta in the NFC South. They are a half-game behind Washington for the #6 seed in the conference. Their remaining games are against the Saints (twice), the Panthers, the Chargers and Cowboys. Yeah, I had to sneak that Dallas reference in at the end. It won’t be easy, but the Bucs are peaking right now; they just have to keep it going.

Photo Courtesy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


One thought on “Three Wins in a Row! Bucs Are In the Playoff Hunt”

  1. Not sure on saying the Bucs D had a turnaround coming from someone that just last week watched the first full game of them playing. So I don’t know how the D has been playing all that well mind. Now it’s not an excuse for losing, but there was 3 rookies and a backup on the Seahawks O line. All things considered I think your front 4 looked pretty bad or at best average. However, the line backers looked great I thought. And the corners nailed it. You guys played man coverage just about the whole game and shut down the passing lanes. But I still think your front 4 needs an improvement. The rest of the D was impressive. Might of had a patchwork O line but still had Baldwin, Rawls, Graham etc… and still only put up 3 points, the 2 doesn’t count on the offense.

    Just like the game in 2013 it was halftime before you knew what was going on. I checked out the nfl scoreboard and all the other games were barely into the 2nd Q. Unlike that game though you guys didn’t fall asleep in the 2nd half. Great game and a big time win for the Bucs. Taking the division at 9-7 or possibly 10-6 is looking more likely if they can keep up the tempo they had last week. @ Chargers looks like one they can take home another win with.

    Good luck!

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