The 2021 Schedule for the Super Bowl Champs

This is arguably my favorite day in the NFL offseason: the day the schedule comes out.  It’s time to start planning road trips.

The Super Bowl champion Buccaneers are slated for five games in prime time.  That’s the same as last year, but the game in Vegas got moved to the afternoon because of COVID-19.  It all starts Thursday night, September 9, against the Cowboys.  Were you hoping for the Saints or Bills?  Nope – it’s Dallas.  Why?  Dallas means TV ratings.  End of story.

But the headliner comes in week 4, when Tom Brady and company come up here to New England to play the Patriots on Sunday Night football.  Can you picture all of the hoopla for that one?  Well, you should, because it’s going to happen.  The Bucs also have prime time game scheduled against the Eagles, Giants and Saints.

Last year, the Bucs played Atlanta twice in the last three weeks.  This year, it’ll be Carolina.

OK, enough said.  Here it is:

Sept. 9    DALLAS

Sept. 19  ATLANTA

Sept. 26  @ L.A. Rams

Oct. 3  @ New England

Oct. 10  MIAMI

Oct. 14  @ Philadelphia

Oct. 24  CHICAGO

Oct. 31  @ New Orleans


Nov.14  @ Washington

Nov. 22  NY GIANTS

Nov. 28  @ Indianapolis

Dec.  5 @ Atlanta

Dec. 12  BUFFALO


Dec. 26 @ Carolina

Jan. 2  @ N.Y. Jets


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