No Treat: Bucs Doomed By Mistakes in New Orleans

Here are my thoughts on the Bucs’ 36-27 loss to the Saints in New Orleans:

You cannot turn the ball over three times – all of them by Tom Brady at that – and expect to win.  You cannot commit nearly 100 yards worth of penalties and expect to win.  The Buccaneers beat the Buccaneers in the Superdome.  Yes, the Saints made enough plays to win.  But it was Tampa Bay’s mistakes that really hurt them in this one.

Yes, the officiating was questionable at best.  But in my opinion, the turnovers and the penalties are the far bigger problem.

Oh well.  The Bucs are 6-2 and heading into a bye week.  They are clinging to a half-game lead now in the NFC South.  I will be in Tampa for the rematch between these two teams. I was telling people all week that the Bucs had to beat the Saints if they want to take the NFC South. They didn’t get it done tonight.

Photo courtesy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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