Keep Stacking Those W’s! Bucs Roll in Atlanta

The Buccaneers are closing in on their first NFC South title in 14 years.  It could happen as early as next Sunday if lot of things happen.

The Bucs won their third straight today, beating the Falcons in Atlanta, 30-17.  And just think: if not for that awful pick-six at the end of the first half, it would’ve been an even bigger blowout.

I choose to spotlight Chris Godwin for good reason.  He caught 15 passes in this game – 15! – for 143 yards.  The 15 catches are a new team record for most receptions in a single game.  He has 82 receptions so far, and is approaching 1,000 yards.  And there are still five games to go.

Gronk had two more “tuddies” as he calls them.  How great is it to have him back?

Yes, the pass defense still has issues.  They’re offense is so hot that it may not be noticeable to the casual fan.  But we diehards sure notice it.

The Bucs are 9-3.  They’ve won 17 of their last 20 games.  Their next one is a matchup that a lot of people circled when the schedule first came out.  The Bills visit Ray-Jay.  Super Bowl preview?  We’ll see.

Photo courtesy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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