What a Fantastic…Escape!

Relax – the Buccaneers had this one all the way.


After blowing a 21-point lead in the second half, the Bucs found a way to pull out a thrilling victory over the Bills in overtime, 33-27.  Tom Brady found Breshad Perriman for the game-winning TD.

In the first half, Tampa Bay looked unstoppable.  In the second half, the Bucs looked extremely beatable.  I knew the game wasn’t over when it was 24-3, or even 27-10 in the fourth quarter.  I’ve seen this movie before over the past 35 years.  Buffalo is a good team, and proved it tonight.

This is yet another game that, pre-Brady, the Bucs would’ve lost.  And you could argue they should’ve been defeated after blowing that big lead.  Great teams play 60 minutes, not 35ish.  But regardless, they’re 10-3, and on the brink of clinching the NFC South.

Part of Brady’s big day was touchdown pass #700 of his career, and it was the game-winner.  Leonard Fournette also had a great game – rushing for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Next week, the Bucs host the Saints on Sunday night.  This is my annual Tampa trip game.  I can’t wait to head south in six days.

Photo courtesy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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