Did We Really Learn Much From the Bucs’ Preseason Opener?

It’s difficult to judge a football team by one preseason game, especially one where many of the starters either hardly play or don’t play at all. Still, there are some things we can take away from Thursday night’s 17-9 loss in Philadelphia.

Are special teams going to be a problem yet again? Good teams don’t fumble away the opening kickoff. I’m looking at you, Kenny Bell.

Good teams have quarterbacks that take care of the football. I’m looking at you, Jameis Winston.

However, there were good signs. Winston bounced back after the turnover to lead a touchdown drive.

The defensive line was getting pressure on the quarterback (what a concept!) They had four sacks. You mean to tell me…that could actually be a strength this year?

But again, it’s so hard to form an opinion after one meaningless preseason game. The next one will tell us a little more, and the third one is the traditional “dress rehearsal” if you will.

Photo courtesy: Tampa Bay Buccaneers