The Good and Bad From the Bucs/Browns Game

As dress rehearsals go, that was pretty darn good. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now.

The Buccaneers excelled in their third preseason game against the Browns on Friday night, winning 30-13 at Ray-Jay.

The offense didn’t just move the ball; they pushed it down the field. Jameis Winston threw for 259 yards and two TD’s while he was in there. Mike Evans went over the century mark.

The running game struggled a bit. I’m hoping that won’t be the case two weeks from now. Doug Martin and Charles Sims can be quite the tandem if they both stay healthy and be productive.

The defense had eight sacks, including putting Robert Griffin III on his back five times. Is it plausible that the Bucs could actually have a fierce pass rush this season? That would be a nice change of pace. It was a rough night, however, for cornerback Brent Grimes, who got burned twice by Josh Gordon.

But perhaps the biggest reason to exhale was the play of the special teams. Roberto Aguayo – who’s taken a lot of heat to the extent that he was getting booed during training camp – was perfect. Six kicks – three field goals and three PAT’s – and he made them all. Praise the Lord. And his performance may have overshadowed that awesome punt return for a touchdown by Adam Humphries. I mean, how often do we see a Buccaneer return a kick of any kind to the house?

It hasn’t happened too often over the years, my friends.

Overall, there was a lot more good than bad in this game. The last preseason game is generally the most meaningless of them all, but we’ll see what develops. Only two weeks to go until Tampa Bay kicks things off for real in the Dome in Atlanta.

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Whoa: the Bucs Won? Amazing!

I had to rub my eyes when I saw the final score of Sunday’s Bucs game against the Redskins at FedEx field.

Tampa Bay beat Washington by 20 points? Yes, it’s true.

In this game, we saw a lot of things that we’ve been hoping to see from the beginning. The Bucs scored a defensive touchdown, a Jonathan Banks pick-six, one of three turnovers forced on the day. They sacked Robert Griffin III six times. That’s worth repeating: the Bucs had six sacks in a single game.

But the biggest headline has to be Mike Evans. The first-round pick out of Texas A&M had seven catches for 209 yards and two, long touchdowns. I was at Ray-Jay last week when he had a big game in a losing effort, and now he does this. He is a beast, and Bucs fans are glad to have him on board.

Sure, the Bucs were far from perfect. They had a whopping eleven penalties for over 100 yards. And they still don’t have a running game to speak of.

But, they won. And we, the fans, can smile, even if just for a short period of time.

Photo Courtesy: AP